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Travel Program Registration


Please take the time to read the Travel Program Details section of this website to get a full understanding of the Travel Program prior to registering.


Review the fees


The fee for travel team participation will be $430 per player.

•             Registration opens May 14th and runs through June 30th

•             Late registration starts July 1st and includes a late fee of $50

Players who register after June 30th (during the late registration period) will be required to pay the full registration fee plus a $50 late fee and will be placed on a waitlist. (The waitlist does not guarantee your child will be placed on a team)

Registration is not considered complete until the balance due is paid in full. If you register prior to June 30th and do not pay your balance until after June 30th, you are considered to have registered in the Late registration period and will be assessed a $50 Late Fee and your child will be placed on the waitlist.

*If your child qualifies for free lunch/SNAP, please submit the appropriate waiver to


​Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that your child will not be placed on a Travel team. If your child does not make a Travel team your child will play in BYBA's in-town league. You will receive a refund of your payment minus the in-town fee (and any shorts fee, if applicable)


No refunds will be issued after September 12th.

If you withdraw your child after Travel team placements you will be assessed a $200 Late Withdrawal Fee that will be due the next time anyone in your family registers for BYBA program.



A standard uniform (reversible jersey and shorts) is required for all Travel players.  All new Travel players must purchase a reversible jersey for $35 and shorts for $30. 

For players who need a uniform, please be sure to add the uniform during registration, the additional $65 will be added to the registration fee.

Outgrow your uniform during the season? Click "Register Now" on our website at any time to order a new one.