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In-town Program Details

The BYBA In-town program is committed to providing a basketball program that is based on fairness, respect and good sportsmanship for all Belmont children. Our policies, procedures and decisions are aimed at offering a program that provides an equal opportunity for all skill levels.

To that end, the BYBA In-Town program strives to form balanced teams such that the overall talent is spread equally among all teams. Equal playing time for all players is assured by dividing games into 5-minute periods and by each coach’s use of a predetermined rotation schedule.

Above all, we endeavor to provide a program where the game of basketball is taught with enthusiasm, enjoyment and FUN!


  • SEASON: Grades 5-8 BYBA season runs mid-November into February, grades 3-4 runs mid-November into March.
  • LEAGUES / DIVISIONS: Separate divisions (boys and girls) with leagues for grades 3&4, grades 5&6, and grades 7&8.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Children in grades 3-8, who live or attend school in Belmont are eligible to play.
  • GAME / PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Games are played on Saturday between 8am and 5pm. Game times will vary week to week. An approximate 30 minute practice is held just prior to each scheduled game.
    • 3rd/4th games take place at Chenery Middle School
    • 5th-8th grades can take place at Chenery Middle School and all the Elementry schools
  • PARENT COACHES: Are needed for our 3rd-4th grade division. Grades 5th-8th teams are coached by volunteer High School students. If interested, please register via the Registration Online page for the Parent Volunteer Program.
  • PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Two parents are required, per team, to serve as the coordinator for the season. 
  • PLAY-OFFS: All teams make the play-offs. Players must participate in at least 50% of the regular season games to be eligible to play in the play-offs. Exceptions must be approved by the BYBA Board.
  • TEAM COMPOSITION: We strive to form balanced teams such that the overall talent is spread equally among all teams. Friend requests may be considered if indicated on the registration form, but may not be accomodated, as the desire to create balanced teams comes first and foremost.


    • Registration runs from mid-August through the end of September
    • Late registration runs from October 1st through October 31st
    • In-Town Program fee is $185 (additional uniform fee please see below)
    • Late fee is $50
    • Registration is not considered complete until the balance due is paid in full
    • If you register prior to September 30th and do not pay your balance until after September 30th you are considered to have registered in the Late registration period and will be assessed a $50 Late Fee and also placed on the wait list.
    • Discount available for additional siblings, participating solely in the in-town program, of $10 per sibling.
    • If your child qualifies for free lunch/SNAP, please submit the appropriate waiver to


Grades 3 and 4: As in prior years, in-town players will each receive a t-shirt, which is included in the registration fee of $185

Grades 5 through 8: All players participating in the In-town program in grades 5 through 8 will require a BYBA reversible jersey ($35 each). If the player has a jersey from prior seasons grade 5-8 season it can be re-used. 

NOTE: During the season, in-town jerseys can be purchased on our website. BYBA uniforms tend to run big, so please consider this when placing an order. Click "Register Now" to purchase a jersey.