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2023 Tryout Schedule - Travel Program

For full Try-out details please see our Travel Program Details page.

Important Notes:

  • Sign in will begin 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  Space will be limited and we will not allow players in the building prior to their scheduled session.  
  • All players must be registered and fully paid to attend try-outs, no exceptions
  • Players on the waitlist MUST attend try-outs
  • Tryouts will be closed to all parents
  • Players must attend one try-out but we heavily suggest that players attend both try-outs to receive a full and complete evaluation


1st Tryout Date

2nd Tryout Date


Girls 4th

Thursday, 9/28: 6-715pm

Thursday, 10/5: 6-715pm

Belmont Day: Barn Gold 

Girls 5th

Tuesday, 10/3: 6-715pm

Friday, 10/6: 6-715pm

Belmont Day: Downing

Girls 6th

Tuesday, 10/3: 730-845pm

Friday, 10/6: 730-845pm

Belmont Day: Downing

Girls 7th

Thursday, 9/28: 730-845pm

Thursday, 10/5: 730-845pm

Belmont Day: Barn Gold 

Girls 8th

Monday, 10/2: 730-845pm

Wednesday, 10/4: 730-845pm

Belmont Day: Downing 

Boys 4th

Monday, 10/2: 6-715pm

Wednesday, 10/4: 6-715pm

Belmont Day: Downing

Boys 5th

Monday, 9/25: 6-715pm

Wednesday, 9/27 - 6-715pm

Belmont Day: Downing

Boys 6th

Tuesday, 9/26: 6-715pm

Friday, 9/29: 6-715pm

Belmont Day: Downing

Boys 7th

Tuesday, 9/26: 730-845pm

Friday, 9/29: 730-845pm

Belmont Day: Downing

Boys 8th 

Monday, 9/25: 730-845pm

Wednesday, 9/27: 730-845pm

Belmont Day: Downing