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Great game last weekend
by posted 01/13/2022

Hi All,


Thank you for a great game last Saturday. Especially since we were playing with only 5 against 8 and so we did not have any substitutes.

A special thank you to Zack as it is great that you are always there to support the team from the sideline and I'm sure everyone is looking forward to seeing you soon on the field again. Thank you as well for jumping in during the last 5 minutes!

You all played a great game and we would almost have won, but I can imagine that after playing for close to an hour straight on, energies were running low and it became hard to keep up the D of SPEED. It shows how important Defense is in basketball.


Again, you all did a great job. A couple of remarks though:

First, as just mentioned, Defending is a must! Every time you allow your opponent to shoot at the basket, you risk getting a point against you. This also means that at the start of each period you need to know who your opponent is. Keep on him!

Second, when you take a shot, make sure to make it count and have people under the basket to keep possession of the ball. After many shots during last weekend's game the ball ended up with the opponents who then used the rebound to score. Therefore, instead of trying an impossible shot (unless you are in the last 10 seconds of the period), dribble or play the ball to your team mates to create a better chance.


Last thing that I would like to ask you is that you let me know if you can’t make it to the game. Last weekend we were lucky to have 5 players, but if I know in advance that we would have less, I might be able to talk with other teams to borrow some players if needed. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


Best regards,




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Happy New Year!
by posted 01/07/2022

Hi All,


Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the Holidays and that you made a good start with 2022. Maybe you even had some time to get in some basketball practice. In any case, tomorrow it is again time for another game and I look forward to seeing you all. Please arrive around 12 so that you have some time to warm up.

Remember BEEF and SPEED and with that in mind we should be able to play a great game against Baylor! 

For if you didn't remember, BEEF is for perfecting your shot:

B - Balace

E - Eye on target

E - Elbow 90 degrees

F - Follow through


and SPEED to play a good game overall:

S - Sportsmanship

P - Play together

E - Eyes on the ball

E - Eyes on the ball (Really!)

D - Defend


Keep those in mind and maybe we can do as well as we did against Texas! In any case, have fun!


See you tomorrow,





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