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IMPORTANT Information for BYBA Families Regarding COVID


With COVID cases on the rise, we are (as expected) beginning to see positive cases and exposures among BYBA players.  Below is guidance for families and coaches on how to proceed (prepared in collaboration with the Belmont Board of Health):  


My BYBA player has been exposed to COVID as determined by a school-based testing or screening program. Can s/he attend BYBA practices and games? 

  • For close contacts within 0-3 feet (as determined by the school), unvaccinated children must quarantine for 5 days for all non-school activities (including BYBA practices/games) and are required to wear a mask at all times for an additional 5 days.  Families are advised to obtain a COVID test ~5 days post-exposure.  Once the child is cleared to return to school, s/he may resume BYBA activities.  Fully vaccinated children (i.e. > 2 weeks after 2nd vaccine) should watch for symptoms but are not required to quarantine and are allowed to participate in BYBA activities.   
  • For close contacts within 3-6 feet (as determined by the school), children should watch for symptoms but do not need to quarantine and may participate in BYBA activities; it is recommended that the family obtain a COVID test around day 5 or 6 post-exposure. 


How does the Belmont Board of Health define and determine COVID exposures in general?  What happens if my BYBA player is found to be exposed?

  • For activities outside of school, COVID exposure is defined as “within 6 feet for 15 collective minutes” regardless of mask-wearing. It is difficult to be precise on this – the practice of the Board of Health will be to err on the side of caution when it comes to exposure. Thus, it is possible an entire team may be exposed if close contacts are unable to be accurately determined.
  • If a player (or coach) is confirmed to be exposed per the Board of Health and is unvaccinated, s/he will be required to quarantine for 5 days with a recommendation to obtain a COVID test on day 5 post-exposure.  Belmont Public Schools currently do not require families to provide proof of a negative PCR or antigen test results before exposed children will be allowed to return to school but obtaining a test is highly recommended.   
  • Fully vaccinated individuals (> 2 weeks after 2nd vaccine) are exempt from quarantine and should just be extra vigilant about monitoring for potential symptoms for 14 days after exposure.  
  • The “test and stay” program, as well as the 3-6 foot quarantine exemption, apply to exposures within Belmont Public Schools only and do not apply to extracurricular activities such as sports.  


If a player or coach tests positive for COVID within my team, when can s/he return to BYBA activities?

  • Fully vaccinated individuals (> 2 weeks after 2nd vaccine) who tested positive for COVID may resume BYBA activities on day 6 after a 5-day isolation period, as long as they have been fever-free for 24 hours and experienced improvement in other symptoms. They must strictly mask when around teammates.  Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated (< 2 weeks after 2nd vaccine) individuals may resume BYBA activities on day 11 after a 10-day isolation period.


If a positive COVID case turns up within my team (travel or in-town), is my team considered “exposed”

  • It’s possible your team (travel or in-town) will have practiced or played a game in the days prior to learning of a positive COVID case within your team.  
  • The Belmont Board of Health determines whether your team would be considered “exposed” and provides appropriate guidance – one coach (not several, and not individual families) should contact Lindsey Sharp ( ) or Wes Chin ( ) to help make this determination; please cc Ryan Thompson ( ) of BYBA. 


What about if I am informed of a positive case within an opposing team? 

  • The Board of Health determines exposure status (see above).
  • With full teams of 9 or 10 players, it’s unlikely that any individual player on your would have spent 15 minutes within 6 feet of an opposing player – but not impossible.  This determination will need to be made by coaches with input from individual families, in consultation with the Board of Health. 

General COVID reminders: 

  • BYBA continues to strongly recommend COVID vaccination (including a booster shot where applicable) for all players, coaches, and referees. 
  • BYBA is following the same protocol as Belmont Public Schools by using the Daily Symptom Checker, which parents should review with their child before every game and practiceIf your player has ANY symptom on the Daily Symptom Checker (or answers YES to any question), DO NOT send your child to the game or practice.  Follow the guidelines on the Daily Symptom Checker for next steps.  

by posted 01/03/2022
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